1-Hour Program

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This program will provide an overview of the key legal and practical issues facing employers, both in their initial response to the Covid-19 pandemic and as the pandemic subsides: 

  • Surveying employer strategies and legislative measures related to the shutdown
    • Furloughs, layoffs and terminations: What’s the difference and why it matters
    • WARN Act, Mini-WARNs, and other regulatory mandates
    • New leave requirements; use of vacation and other time off
    • Reduction in wages and unemployment benefits
    • Who is an “essential” employee? 
  • Thinking about the Return to Work
    • Designing an appropriate safety plan
      • Implementing and maintaining the safety plan, including documentation and communication
      • Distancing, cleaning, symptom screening, contact tracing and more
    • Gearing up for re-hiring
      • Who returns first?
      • How do we re-engage our workforce?

Credit Details

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