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In the early weeks of 2022, the world of insurance law has seen a string of exciting decisions handed down by courts across the country, including several key victories for policyholders.  These decisions have wide-ranging effects on other policyholders with similar policy language and help define the contours of the coverages provided by Commercial General Liability (CGL), Commercial Property, and Commercial Crime insurance policies.

This presentation will break down the specific issues presented in these cases, examine the legal reasoning behind the outcomes, and explore what they mean for other companies with similar kinds of policies.

Please join Peter A. Halprin and Tae Andrews, policyholder attorneys from Pasich LLP, as they address:

  • a trend of policyholder wins under CGL policies, including several under the Personal & Advertising Injury coverage [25 minutes];
  • the impact of the Merck decision on whether the War or Hostile Acts exclusion bars coverage for a policyholder’s losses due to a malware attack, under a Commercial Property policy [15 minutes]; and
  • a recent policyholder victory from the Ninth Circuit holding in favor of coverage for a business email compromise scheme under a Commercial Crime policy [20 minutes]. 





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