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Today organizations are inundated with both paper and especially electronic information. The shift to electronic information as the primary communication medium for information has changed how organizations create, receive, share and collaborate information. Add in the changes of hybrid work environments becoming more prevalent and it makes sense that the policies and schedules that drive the identification, classification, retention, retrieval, and disposition of this information should also change. This is not just a problem for legal or compliance departments.  It requires the input from employees and buy in from key stakeholders.  Faculty will review the changes to records retention created by hybrid work environments and how to gain buy in from stakeholders which is key for a successfully executed records retention schedule.

Mark Diamond, CEO of Contoural, Inc. will teach the basics of creating and executing a records retention schedule. He will provide an understanding of current barriers due to hybrid work environments and how to best execute a modern day compliant and easier-to-execute records retention schedule.  He will discuss:

  • Information flow working from home (5 minutes)
  • Risks and impacts created by this new hybrid work environment (15 minutes)
  • Modern approach to records retention (10 minutes)
  • Strategies and involving key stakeholders (15 minutes)
  • Barriers to creating a records retention schedule and tips on how to execute (15 minutes)

Program Level: Overview

Intended Audience: Compliance, Audit, Legal, Risk, IT

Prerequisites: None

Advanced Preparation: None


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