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Why You Should Attend

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and rising tensions with China have altered the landscape for export controls and sanctions, and the Biden Administration is using these tools as instruments of foreign policy more frequently than ever before, often in collaboration with close allies, it is more important than ever for institutions in all sectors of the economy to stay on top of key developments. Companies and financial institutions must be aware of their compliance and disclosure obligations, enforcement trends and priorities, and emerging risks. Implementing and strengthening compliance programs is an increasingly important priority in all industries. For over 25 years, PLI’s Coping with U.S. Export Controls has been the go-to program on trade control laws and regulations. The program enables attendees to “get inside” international trade controls through give-and-take among key officials from the government agencies that regulate cross-border trade and investment, experienced company managers, and top lawyers in the field. 

 What You Will Learn

• Assessment of Biden Administration sanctions and export control policies

• The current sanctions landscape, from Russia to Iran to Venezuela and Cuba

• Impact of US sanctions on non-US companies

• Entity List and Global Magnitsky designations

• Scope of enhanced export controls and potential outbound investment restrictions targeting China

• Elements of Commerce Department's foreign-direct product rules

• Best practices for compliance programs in a range of industry contexts

• Enforcement perspectives from authorities 

Credit Details

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