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Once your client’s Pooled Special Needs Trust (PSNT) is established and funded, it is ready to be used for his/her benefit. This presentation will provide comprehensive information about disbursements. We will discuss how administrative law - as contained in the Program Operations Manual System (POMS) handbook issued by the Social Security Administration - governs the scope and constraints of the Trust Administrator’s responsibilities. An overview of eligible, and especially common yet challenging disbursements, from real life will be highlighted. Attorneys will gain a deeper understanding of how disbursements from a PSNT work double duty to safeguard public benefits while improving the quality of life for the trust beneficiary.

Upon completing the program, participants will be able to:

  • Identify the characteristics of a Pooled Special Needs Trust (PSNT) and the benefits of its use– 13 minutes
  • Distinguish the differences in remainder policies for first-party and third-party PSNTs – 5 minutes
  • Understand the general POMS SSI rules governing disbursements – 12 minutes
  • Engage in an analysis of challenging disbursements – 20 minutes
  • Recognize how ABLE Accounts can be used in concert with PSNTs – 10 minute



Rachel Baer

Commonwealth Community Trust


Joanne Marcus

Commonwealth Community Trust




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