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The market for issuer equity derivatives has been active, volatile, and unpredictable since COVID hit in early 2020.  Over these last two and a half years, many companies issued convertible notes in unprecedented volumes, entered into related hedging transactions such as call spreads and capped calls, executed massive accelerated share repurchase programs, and engaged in other types of transactions linked to their common stock.

Please join Skadden partner Yossi Vebman, head of the firm’s derivatives practice, and Skadden partner David M. Rievman as they review some of the more common structures, shared elements and recent evolution of issuer equity derivatives. Specifically, they will discuss:

  • Overview of call spreads, ASRs, and other issuer derivatives (10 minutes)
  • Securities laws framework (5 minutes)
  • Convertible debt and call spreads/capped calls – economics and legal implications (15 minutes)
  • ASRs and other structured share buybacks (10 minutes)
  • Analysis of key provisions (10 minutes)
  • Tax and other considerations (10 minutes)


Who Should Attend:  Attorneys, bankers, issuers, and accountants who work with equity-linked products

Program Level: Basic

Prerequisites: None

Advanced Preparation: None


Credit Details

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