3-Hour Program

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Why You Should Attend

Learn the basics of California guardianship law and procedure so that you can competently represent a child or adult petitioner to establish a guardianship of the person. You will learn how to represent parties in both uncontested and contested guardianship proceedings.  This program is intended for attorneys who will take pro bono cases with legal services agencies throughout the state and does not constitute qualification for court-appointed minor's counsel.


What You Will Learn

·       How to Define and Explain the Law and Procedure of Guardianship of the Person to Clients

·       Recognizing and Using Alternatives to Guardianship

·       The Importance of Judicial Council Forms and How to Competently Complete and Utilize Guardianship Forms

·       Understanding and Following Guardianship Procedure

·       Guiding Clients Through Guardianship Investigations

·       Contested Matters and Trials

·       Recognizing and Filing Cases Involving Special Immigrant Juvenile Status and ICWA

·       Evaluating and Managing Post Guardianship Issues – Moving Out of State, Terminating Guardianship, Resignation, and Modifying Visitation


Who Should Attend


This program is appropriate for attorneys, from the newly admitted to the experienced, who wish to represent children or adult petitioners pro bono to establish guardianships of the person. This training will not cover guardianship of the estate.



Credit Details

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