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Companies have traditionally viewed sexual harassment and discrimination as litigation or employee relations risks to be managed, rather than as compliance risk areas to be prevented and mitigated through their compliance programs. In this presentation, we’ll walk through three case studies that demonstrate why that view is changing and how companies can take the risks from harassment and discrimination and turn them into compliance opportunities that set them apart.  Intermixed with the case studies, we will cover the fundamentals of a successful anti-harassment and discrimination compliance program, providing real-world examples and learnings.  Please join Alejandra Montenegro Almonte, Ann Sultan, and Katherine E. Pappas of Miller & Chevalier Chartered as they:

  • Discuss the fundamental aspects of a successful anti-harassment and discrimination compliance framework (20 minutes)
  • Identify common missteps in current anti-harassment and discrimination management (30 minutes)
  • Provide practical ways to mitigate risks and create opportunities in this changing landscape (10 minutes)



Program Level: Overview

Prerequisites: An interest compliance program development or anti-harassment and anti-discrimination issues

Advanced Preparation: None

Credit Details

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