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Needing to comply with California and other privacy requirements, many companies are creating data retention policies for the compliant retention and disposition of personal information, only to quickly find that stand-alone data retention policies can conflict with other compliance requirements as well as legitimate business needs. Furthermore, companies are finding out that once developed data retention policy execution can be difficult and inconsistent. Faculty will discuss creating a data retention policy that meet privacy requirements, don’t conflict with other compliance requirements and area easier to execute:

  • Introduction and overview of data retention policies – 2 minutes
  • Managing conflicts between privacy, records retention, and other requirements – 15 minutes
  • Developing a business justification process for retaining privacy information to meet legitimate business needs – 15 minutes
  • Leveraging your records retention schedule to speed up policy development – 10 minutes
  • Designing policies that are both compliant and easier to execute – 15 minutes
  • Conclusion and cover resources – 3 minutes

Program Level: Overview

Prerequisites: None

Advanced Preparation: None



Kerry Childe

Contoural, Inc.


Mark Diamond

Contoural, Inc.


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