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Companies of all kinds work with content creators to develop key assets and media, launch exciting new initiatives, and market their brand, products, and services. These collaborations are more common as companies increasingly leverage new technologies, media platforms and marketing strategies through common structures such as influencer marketing and high-profile collaborations with creatives. Legal advisors play a key role in structuring collaborations between content creators and companies and identifying intellectual property rights issues and other risks. In this Briefing, registrants will learn key considerations for advising content creators and the companies that work with them.

Join Wendy Heilbut, Managing Partner, and Michelle Butler, IP and Commercial Transactions Associate, from Jayaram Law as they discuss the following topics:

  • Key considerations at pre-deal stage of collaboration between content creators and companies (5 minutes)
  • Ownership and licensing of intellectual property in content
    • Implications of different IP ownership structures (5 minutes)
    • Creating a custom package of rights through licensing (5 minutes)
    • Consideration of derivative work rights (5 minutes)
  • Special considerations for creators (10 minutes)
  • Special considerations for companies that work with creators (10 minutes)
  • Trademark considerations in collaborations (5 minutes)
  • New technologies and trends in content creation and corporate collaborations (15 minutes)

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