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Sound insurance regulation is critical to the efficient functioning of our economy and the promotion of social welfare.  Yet, unlike courses in banking and securities regulation, very few American law schools have offered instruction in the subject.  Corporate and finance attorneys in particular will benefit from learning how state insurance regulators interact with clients which acquire control over, or lend to, insurers and their parent companies.

Please join Richard G. Liskov, Senior Counsel at ArentFox Schiff LLP and former Deputy Superintendent and General Counsel of the New York Insurance Department, as he provides a primer as to how insurance is regulated in the U.S. and covers the following topics:

  • Why insurance is the one financial service which states, not the federal government, primarily regulate (10 minutes)
  • What state regulators do to supervise the market conduct and monitor the financial condition of insurance companies (20 minutes)
  • What state insurer delinquency proceedings—rehabilitations and liquidations— involve and what finance lawyers need to know about them (10 minutes)
  • What corporate lawyers need to know about insurer mergers and acquisitions (10 minutes)
  • What role does the federal government play in insurance regulation (10 minutes)


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