6-Hour Program

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Why you should attend

Social media, whether blogging, LinkedIn™, Twitter™, Google™ or Facebook™, is bringing rapid change to professional and business development for lawyers. But what is social media really all about? Why are some lawyers realizing significant client development gains in their use of social media while other lawyers are struggling? Our faculty of lawyers and media professionals will demystify the challenges of developing a social media strategy and teach you how to use the social media needed to achieve success.

What you will learn

  • The principals of social media: listening, offering value, establishing trust, and entering into existing 'conversations' in your area of practice
  • How to develop a social media strategy
  • How to use the social media solutions offering the greatest return on your time and investment: RSS Reader, LinkedIn™, blogs, Twitter™, Facebook™, YouTube™ and Google+™
  • Best practices in the use of social media, so as to both realize your goals and not damage your reputation
  • How to manage your time so as to make effective use of social media
  • How social media is advancing legal discussion and authority
  • How to develop a case for the use of social media in your law firm, including case studies

Who should attend

Attorneys at all levels of practice and in all areas of practice will benefit from this program.

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