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Building a network is not just a "nice to have" for when you need your next job. Lawyers with solid networks often command more respect within their organizations, turn to various advisors when facing challenging business situations, and join fellow influencers in serving on boards and panels, appearing in publications, and being positioned for a variety of business opportunities.  

Join three industry professionals as they discuss the how-tos of building a robust network and demonstrate how to utilize it once it is created. 

The program will cover:

  • Networking strategy: Who should be in your network, and is a broader, more diverse network better than one that is narrow? - 12 minutes  
  • Building a network: What are the steps to take when building a network, and how can you attract people to be part of your inner circle? - 12 minutes  
  • Using social media: How do LinkedIn and other social media tools fit into a busy schedule, and how can you use them impactfully to strengthen relationships? - 12 minutes  
  • Following up and keeping in touch: When you don't want to nag for business or favors but want to be sure you're remembered, what are the methods you can use? - 12 minutes  
  • Associations and can they help: Being involved in professional organizations is important, but how do you participate in a way that is meaningful and helpful to your career? - 12 minutes 




Deborah Brightman Farone

Farone Advisors LLC


Victoria S. Reese

Heidrick & Struggles International, Inc.


Michael C. Wu

Bath & Body Works, Inc.


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