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Why You Should Attend

The relationship between banks and fintech companies has evolved since the early days of fintech emergence. Over the years, as more fintech start-ups emerged, offering a growing range of services traditionally supplied by established financial institutions, the possibilities for partnerships between banks and fintech companies grew in tandem.

Bank-Fintech partnerships and agreements are now more commonplace than expected just a few years ago. Several factors contributed to this rise. Greater consumer access to mobile technologies, shifting customer expectations of banking services and the opportunity to service underbanked customer groups are just a sample of drivers for such collaboration.

The program's faculty features experts from the regulatory and industry perspectives discussing the elements of bank-fintech partnerships along with their legal, regulatory and practical, operational considerations. The faculty also share their thoughts on where this trend will ultimately lead the banking and fintech industries.

What You Will Learn

 • Bank-Fintech ecosystem
• The foundational elements of bank-fintech partnership
• Challenges associated with bank-fintech agreements
• State, legislative and consumer advocacy issue
• The future of banking and bank-fintech partnerships

Who Should Attend

Attorneys engaged in banking, finance and financial technology matters should find this program to be informative.


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