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In this one-hour moderated discussion, the panelists will share insights about the importance of an inclusive workplace culture as it relates to retention, engagement and collaboration, and overall better organizational resilience. Gone are the days when firm leaders could attract and retain talent solely through compensation. American’s relationship with work has been shifting for some time, but the global pandemic accelerated people’s mindset about life-work balance and the desire for a healthy work environment.

Every firm has a culture, whether people want it or not. And not every firm culture is designed with intentionality and purpose, thus yielding a less then desirable environment where unproductive, and at times unhealthy, behaviors and practices become the norm rather than the exception. This is not to suggest that a firm will either have a stellar culture or a toxic one. In fact, most firm cultures likely sit somewhere between those two examples. And that is not always bad. However, with shifts in American’s attitudes about social justice, and diversity and inclusion, as well as the pressure to appeal to a very different generation of talent, leaders should be thinking differently about their firm’s culture if they want to compete in the future.

Expert faculty will:

  • Review research and trends that build the business case for investing in an intentional culture (10 Minutes)
  • Define workplace culture and how it differs from strategy (10 minutes)
  • Explore the differences between diversity, equity and inclusion (10 minutes)
  • Examine the culture transformation roadmap (15 minutes)
  • Discuss ways to handle pushback or resistance (15 minutes)



Rini Fonseca-Sabune, Esq. - Founder, Rini Fonseca-Sabune Consulting LLC

David Robert, MBA – COO, Loeb Leadership

David B. Sarnoff, Esq., ACC. – Certified Executive Coach and Director of Strategic Partnerships for Loeb Leadership



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