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Why You Should Attend

Even the best attorneys make mistakes in their legal writing (and sometimes they will even admit it!). As a paralegal, you’re often involved in the drafting process from start to finish. By building the skills to spot and fix mistakes in briefs and other litigation documents, you can avoid embarrassing and costly mistakes for your attorneys and gain a reputation for being the firm’s go-to litigation paralegal.

With the advent of artificial intelligence in legal practice, checking for the accuracy of citations and speeding up the legal writing process has become easier than ever. Tailored specifically for paralegals, this program will discuss how to use AI tools like Clearbrief to become a better legal writer, as well to spot mistakes in opposing counsel’s work and create hyperlinked medical records indexes, trial exhibit lists, and other interactive documents that give your firm an edge.

What You Will Learn

  • How understanding the cited documents in the case help with spotting mistakes
  • The value of AI in the litigation writing process
  • Using AI to check for the accuracy of citations and create more effective briefs
  • Speeding up the writing process, without sacrificing accuracy
  • How to analyze opposing counsel’s writing to help your attorneys respond
  • How to build hyperlinked documents in Word that can be shared via the cloud

Who Should Attend

Paralegals at all levels of their careers will find this program useful.


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