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Artificial Intelligence is no longer a theoretical concept of science fiction.  It is a practical reality that is being deployed on the legal frontlines regularly by law firms, consulting and advisory firms as well as in-house law departments for a variety of reasons and use-cases.  New technologies have made it possible to review, analyze, extract, normalize and categorically collate massive amounts of data in increasingly more aggressive timeframes.  Financial agreements can be entered into and its contractual data operationalized via straight through processing, leveraging smart forms and contracts. The new normal legal playing field is here to stay and evolve.

BNY Mellon’s Charles M. Post, Managing Counsel and Director, will provide an overview of these emerging technologies and its latest use-cases, including:

  • Practical use-cases where artificial intelligence can be utilized with real examples;
  • Implications on the future of legal practice areas due to these technologies; and
  • Where artificial intelligence and smart contract technology is going.


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