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Being an active listener is not an ability we are born with; it is a learned skill that develops over time. Law school teaches us to think critically, analyze facts and apply the law.  Life teaches us the value of active listening.   Many of us take listening for granted, simply because we can “hear.”   Active listening is much more than that.  It is a sought-after skill that must be intentionally developed and practiced. It requires intention, focus and effort.  It also requires being both mentally and physically present in a conversation.  When practiced consistently, the payoff is significant.    Active listeners develop deeper trusting relationships with their clients, colleagues and teams, leading to increased books of business, enhanced reputations and higher associate morale.

Being able to practice active listening in an in-person environment can be challenging, difficult and requires consistent practice.  In the remote and virtual environment many of us find ourselves in today, active listening is elevated to another level of difficulty.  Whether it’s a group Zoom call or a one on one meeting, the virtual medium makes it challenging to read body language, social cues and natural pauses in conversation.  For attorneys, active listening plays a critical role in extracting information from clients, conducting a deposition, an investigation or due diligence.  Successful lawyers also use active listening to build trust and foster collaboration among partners, associates, paralegals and support staff.  This One Hour Briefing highlights the skills and benefits of active listening, challenging lawyers to evaluate and strengthen their listening skills as they serve their clients and lead their teams.

Expert faculty will:

  • Review the definition, provide examples and discuss the benefits of active listening, and address the pitfalls when it is not practiced properly - 12 minutes
  • Discuss why and how to use active listening when conducting investigation interviews, how to evaluate the witness by listening and observations, and address why active listening must be maintained throughout the interaction - 18 minutes
  • Discuss the important role active listening plays in the business cycle of law and how it can impact business generation, client services and relationship building - 18 minutes
  • Offer simple, yet effective active listening techniques to apply immediately to enhance one’s professional life, how one is perceived and elevate reputation.  These techniques are also known to enhance one’s personal life and relationships - 12 minutes




Tricia Fratto, Esq., Founder & General Counsel, Ethics Suite, LLC

Natalie Loeb – Founder, CEO & Executive Leadership Coach, Loeb Leadership

David B. Sarnoff, Esq. – Director of Strategic Partnerships & Executive Leadership Coach, Loeb Leadership

A. Jonathan Trafimow, Esq., Partner, Moritt Hock & Hamroff LLP


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