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With the global use of AI in healthcare increasing dramatically and a corresponding rise in investment, AI in healthcare is here to stay. Integrating AI into the healthcare ecosystem creates opportunities such as automating tasks and analyzing large patient data sets to deliver healthcare faster and at a lower cost. However, the emergence of AI in healthcare also poses new safety challenges for regulators.  Issues for regulators to consider include patient protection from defective diagnosis, proper uses of personal data and the elimination of bias built into algorithms.

Please join Moses & Singer LLP partners William A. Tanenbaum and Linda A. Malek as they:

  • Decipher the good, bad and the regulatory of AI in digital health – 15 minutes
  • Provide an overview of trends in AI in the digital health marketplace as well as in the current regulatory environment – 25 minutes
  • Discuss legal and health policy implications of AI use in healthcare- 20 minutes


Credit Details

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