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The metaverse is a mosaic of virtual worlds, ecosystems and a convergence of the physical and digital space, where businesses and people interact, transact and socialize. AI plays a critical role in powering the metaverse by enabling greater automation (via operation and processing speeds), connectivity (triggering and suggesting relationships based on preferences), and accessibility (making communication borderless and reducing frictions via translations, alternative representation for sight/hearing impairments, and use of brain computer interfaces). Intellectual property also plays a critical role in how we’ll understand ownership for commercial and personal purposes in the metaverse, particularly in light of recent questions around NFTs.

This session addresses:

  • Level setting: What is the metaverse and what could it be? – 10 minutes
  • Role of AI in the metaverse – 15 minutes
  • Trends in intellectual property issues for the metaverse – 20 minutes
  • Trends in NFT litigation – 15 minutes


New or experienced attorneys currently practicing in or interested in learning more about the legal issues arising in this emerging technology space will find this presentation instructive.



Ami Bhatt

McKinsey & Company, Inc.



Aleksandra Gruszka

McKinsey & Company, Inc.


Jen Lee

McKinsey & Company, Inc.


Ilona Logvinova

McKinsey & Company, Inc.


Stephanie S. Spangler

McKinsey & Company, Inc.


Credit Details

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