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Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) are re-shaping industries. In areas as diverse as creating art, playing board games, interpreting x-rays, and reviewing contract clauses, AI systems are reaching or exceeding human capabilities on some tasks. But as AI systems are gaining new capabilities, they are also raising new legal questions.

Helping your clients deal with AI-related legal issues requires you to understand how AI systems are created and how they work. In just one hour, this Briefing will get you started understanding AI and ML, even if you don’t have an engineering degree. You’ll learn the history of AI systems and how AI/ML systems are created, “trained,” and used. You will be able to describe the role of the “model” in an AI system and what a model would look like if you opened it up and looked inside.

Faculty will discuss:

  • The history of AI and ML systems (10 minutes)
  • The architecture of modern AI systems (20 minutes)
  • “Training” and “inference” using an ML model (15 minutes)
  • How AI systems interact with the world (15 minutes)


This Briefing is scheduled as a review of the fundamentals before PLI’s more advanced Artificial Intelligence Law 2023 program on January 24.  Please register for the program and receive this Briefing free as part of your registration.  Simply enter discount code OHB2 AI023 into both priority code boxes in your cart prior to checkout.


Who Should Attend:  Law firm attorneys, in house counsel, CTOs and CIOs, legal technology specialists, intellectual property attorneys, and policy experts inside or outside of government 

Program Level: Basic

Prerequisites: None

Advanced Preparation: None





Van Lindberg

OSPOCO / Taylor English Duma LLP


Maxwell Sills

Midjourney; Crypto Open Patent Alliance


Credit Details

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