4-Hour Program

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Why You Should Attend
No one should lose their housing when we have been ordered to shelter in place through this global pandemic, and yet, here we are: the eviction cliff is happening and we need skilled tenant advocates more than ever. There was already a housing crisis before COVID. While we continue to battle this ongoing health emergency, there is renewed public awareness of the structural racism which has led Black people to suffer disproportionately from both COVID and homelessness. Eviction is another way in which our institutions systemically harm communities of color, and zealous advocacy is critical to fighting for racial justice and protecting tenants’ rights

What You Will Learn
This training will provide you with the tools you need to defend tenants from eviction, including navigating remote proceedings and discovery, challenging an unfavorable ruling from the trial court, and how to address discrimination using fair housing laws. Advocates with less experience in unlawful detainers would benefit from first viewing our 2020 training to learn the basics.

Who Should Attend
All attorneys, advocates or law students interested in or currently assisting low-income clients with eviction defense would benefit from this program.

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