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Highly regulated or emerging industries like alcohol, marijuana, cannabidiol (“CBD”), sports betting, and cryptocurrency are currently a hot topic in the advertising and media world.  The alcohol industry has long been one of the largest spenders on advertising and media, and in the last five years, legal and technological developments have led to an explosion in the marijuana, CBD, sports betting, and cryptocurrency markets.  While these industries present huge opportunities for marketers, agencies, and publishers, working within these industries presents a number of challenges, chief among them being legal compliance.

Please join Louis P. DiLorenzo, attorney at Davis+Gilbert LLP, who will:

  • Provide an overview of the legal framework applicable to each industry – 30 minutes
  • Discuss compliance challenges in these industries – 10 minutes
  • Provide practical guidance on vetting clients and partners, especially in the cryptocurrency and sports betting industries – 10 minutes
  • Offer some practical tips for how to minimize legal and practical risk when advertising products within these industries – 10 minutes




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