2-Hour Program

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Who Should Participate: 

This version of the program has been modified for law school students and does NOT offer CLE credit

Attorneys looking for CLE credit should click here: Interviewing Pro Bono Clients for the CLE-approved version. 

Full scholarships and discounts to attend PLI programs are widely available to attorneys working in nonprofit/legal services organizations, pro bono attorneys, government attorneys, judges and judicial law clerks, law professors and law students, senior attorneys (age 65 and over), law librarians and paralegals who work for nonprofit/legal services organizations, unemployed attorneys; and others with financial hardships. We encourage all eligible attendees to complete and submit a PLI Scholarship Application.

Scholarships available

Why You Should Attend

Asking the right questions in the right way can start your attorney-client relationship off on the right note and prevent unnecessary frustration. This skill is especially important when working with pro bono clients who have had limited experience with the legal system or face other barriers. 

This on-demand online course is for anyone who wants to learn more about how to master the art and science of interviewing pro bono clients. This program will teach new attorneys and seasoned professionals how to work effectively and cooperatively with their pro bono client.

What You Will Learn

You will learn the science of collecting information, including:

• Preparing properly for client interviews

• Asking your client the right kinds of questions in the right order to get the information you need

You will learn the art of collecting information, including:

• Framing your interview questions and responding to your client’s answers

• Identifying behaviors to use and avoid when interviewing clients

• Creating an environment where your client feels comfortable sharing the truth about their case

You will learn how to manage frustrations, including:

• Identifying common frustrations for pro bono clients and attorneys

• Anticipating and preventing client and attorney frustrations before they happen

• Practicing techniques for mitigating frustrations when they arise

You will learn third party basics, including:

• Identifying when a third party is covered by privilege

• Communicating the implications of a third-party presence to your client

• Controlling the interview when a third party is present

Who Should Participate

All attorneys assisting pro bono clients through representation or in clinical settings, firm pro bono coordinators and partners, corporate law department pro bono managers, law clinic students and faculty, and public interest and non-profit organization attorneys and staff would benefit from this program.


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