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Depending on how you do the math, we have been living under the shadow of COVID-19 for nearly a year.  But the year has not presented a consistent landscape for investors, including private equity firms.  The challenges – and opportunities – for private equity have evolved and changed in that time.

In this Briefing, Joseph Ehrlich, Co-National Practice Leader for Private Equity, Family Office and M&A at Beecher Carlson Insurance Services, LLC, has assembled a group of family office professionals and industry experts to explore the profound impact of the pandemic on M&A activity in the United States as well as the developing game plans of M&A deal professionals to react and adapt to it.  Included topics will cover:

  • The impact of novel coronavirus on deal activity and projections for the future of the M&A landscape (15 minutes)
  • How M&A professionals and RWI insurers are reevaluating the critical elements of the due diligence process to account for the nearly universal impact of novel coronavirus on business, from the enforceability of contracts, to employment matters to supply chain disruption and beyond  – no aspect of business is safe from the impact (15 minutes)
  • The evolving response of RWI insurers to the pandemic, including a look at new exclusions that have quickly popped up in the face of the uncertainty created by the pandemic (15 minutes)
  • The methods private equity investors are deploying to effectively navigate the new environment in light of the changing and often dizzying market dynamics (15 minutes)



Joseph Ehrlich

Beecher Carlson Insurance Services, LLC



William K. Luby

Seaport Capital LLC


Michael MacRitchie

Crescendo Capital Partners, LLC


Christopher Mahan

Cranemere Inc.


Laura A. Sullivan

Kirkland & Ellis LLP


Program Level:  Update

Intended Audience:  Outside attorneys, in-house counsel, financial advisors, accounting professionals and other allied professionals involved with private equity, M&A and RWI insurers

Prerequisites:  None

Advanced Preparation:  None




Credit Details

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