Driving change in Puerto Rico

Pro bono work is usually focused on the power of legal representation. How does one organization use pro bono legal help to promote fundamental change? Can pro bono lawyers be mobilized to amplify the voices of the marginalized?

Pursuing Justice sits down with Ariadna Godreau Aubert to explore how Ayuda Legal Puerto Rico is working with pro bono lawyers to educate and partner with communities to advocate for a more responsive legal system.



Ariadna Godreau-Aubert

Ariadna Godreau-Aubert is a human rights lawyer. She obtained her JD from the University of Puerto Rico School of Law and a Masters in Law degree in International Human Rights Law at the University of Oxford, UK. Ariadna has worked in several access to justice initiatives, which include strategic litigation at local and international levels, the use of technology to increase legal literacy and organizing. She is the coordinator of the Access to Justice Working Group and the Executive Director of Ayuda Legal Puerto Rico, Inc. Ariadna is also an adjunct professor at the Universidad de Puerto Rico, where she teaches courses on human rights, political theory and international relations. Her academic scholarship revolves around human rights, gender, austerity and the right to protest. Her first book, which offers a feminist approach to the Island's debt crisis, "Las propias: Apuntes para una pedagogía de las endeudadas" was published on March 2018.

Ayuda Legal Puerto Rico

Ayuda Legal Puerto Rico (ALPR) is a non‐profit corporation whose purpose is to provide free and accessible legal education and support to low and moderate income individuals and communities. We have five axes of work:

  1. Promote collaboration between entities of the access to justice community, organizations and communities
  2. Provide free and accessible legal education
  3. Train legal representatives and students
  4. Provide legal support
  5. Exercise and facilitate community advocacy efforts