Individual Membership grants you one-year of unlimited access to PLI’s robust catalog of training programs and learning resources for an annual fee of $3,495 – and we take care of the reporting work so you can focus on your practice. PLI programs cover a wide range of practice areas and are easily accessible in a variety of formats and always on your schedule.

Learn why 98% of the PLI community renews their Membership every year ‒ and:

  Earn all your CLE online with unlimited access to PLI’s industry-standard live webcasts and on-demand programs

Have all your compliance applications handled by our dedicated accreditation team

Create your compliance profile to track CLE progress and receive deadline updates

Gain exclusive access to SEC Institute Workshops both live webcasts and on-demand to remain ever current in meeting the filing and financial reporting requirements of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. Membership also provides a 20% discount to in-person SECI Workshops.  

Who is it for?

Individual Membership is ideal for corporate counsel, solo practitioners, financial reporting professionals, and anyone else with ongoing compliance requirements. No matter your business, PLI has you covered.

PLI also offers enterprise-wide Privileged Membership – click here to learn more about how PLI can help your group's compliance and training needs.