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Please note that PLI programs for the remainder of 2020 will only be offered via live webcast. As always, webcast attendees will have access to all program materials and will be able to view all program slides and submit questions to the speakers during the presentation. We thank you for your understanding as we work to provide a safe learning environment for both attendees and faculty.

1-2 Patent Prosecution 2020: Advanced Issues and Claims Workshop
8-9 Advanced Patent Prosecution Workshop 2020: Claim Drafting & Amendment Writing
9 A Guide to Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) for Advocates: How to Effectively Address PTSD in Matters Involving Veterans and Others Affected by Trauma 2020
10 23rd Annual Children's Law Institute
13 Corporate Whistleblowing in the Coronavirus Era 2020
  Fundamentals of Broker-Dealer Regulation 2020
14 Bridge-the-Gap I: Ethics and Skills for Newly Admitted New York Attorneys 2020
15-17 Patent Fundamentals Bootcamp 2020: An Introduction to Patent Drafting, Prosecution, and Litigation
16 Broadband and Cable Industry Law 2020
16-17 Understanding the Securities Laws 2020
20 20th Annual Municipal Law Institute
21-22 Basics of Accounting for Lawyers 2020: What Every Practicing Lawyer Needs to Know
  Basics of International Taxation 2020
22 Illinois Professional Responsibility MCLE Marathon 2020
23 Defending Immigration Removal Proceedings 2020
  Hot Topics in Advertising Law 2020
24 ESG 2020: What It Means for Boards, Management, and Counsel
28 Securities Litigation 2020: From Investigation to Trial
28-29 Investment Management Institute 2020
29 Representations & Warranties Insurance Trends – How to Prepare for R & W Insurance Claims
30 20th Annual School Law Institute
  Supply Chain Agreements: Manufacturing, Trade Wars, and COVID-19
3 22nd Annual Supreme Court Review: October 2019 Term
4 The Attorney-Client Privilege and Internal Investigations 2020
  ERISA 2020: The Evolving World – Part I
  Ethics and Conflicts of Interest in Law Practice 2020
5 Market Access Best Practices: Focus on Digital Health 2020
  Reentry in California – Overcoming Legal Barriers to Community Reintegration 2020
6 Bridge-the-Gap II: Ethics and Skills for Newly Admitted New York Attorneys 2020
7 Hot Topics in Child Custody, Visitation & Guardianship for New York Practitioners 2020
  How to Read Financial Statements 2020
10 FinTech 2020
11 Ethics in Banking and Financial Services 2020
12 Accounting for Business Combinations Workshop 2020 *^
  Voter Rights 2020
13-14 SEC Reporting Skills Workshop for Financial Professionals 2020 *^
14 Representing the Pro Bono Client: Consumer Law Basics 2020
17-18 Twenty-First Annual Institute on Privacy and Data Security Law
19-20 California Family Law Basics: Pro Bono Representation in Low-Income Family Law Cases 2020
24-25 SEC Reporting Skills Workshop for Financial Professionals 2020 *^
27 Cannabis: Business Fundamentals 2020
2 International Tax Issues 2020
  Storming the Gatekeepers: When Compliance Officers and In-House Lawyers Are at Risk 2020
3 Electronic Discovery Nuts & Bolts 2020
  Ethical Issues in California Pro Bono Representation 2020
3-4 The Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and International Anti-Corruption Developments 2020
8 Internal Investigations 2020
  The Law and Ethics of NewLaw
9 Advanced Patent Trial and Appeal Board (PTAB) Trial Strategies 2020
  Hot Issues in Executive Compensation 2020
9-10 Twenty-First Annual Institute on Privacy and Data Security Law
10 Alternative Finance Summit 2020: Marketplace Lending, Cryptocurrency and Crowdfunding
  Securities Arbitration 2020
10-11 Corporate Political Activities 2020: Complying with Campaign Finance, Lobbying and Ethics Laws
11 Advanced Patent Licensing 2020
  Bridge-the-Gap I: Ethics and Skills for Newly Admitted New York Attorneys 2020
14 Working with Domestic Violence Immigrant Survivors: The Intersection of Basic Family Law, Immigration, Benefits, and Housing Issues in California 2020
14-15 51st Annual Estate Planning Institute
  Form 10-K In-Depth Workshop 2020 *^
15 Intellectual Property Law: Trademark and Copyright Review 2020
16 Women Lawyers in Leadership 2020
16-17 Understanding the Securities Laws 2020
17 Hot Topics for In-House Counsel 2020
18 Alcohol Beverage Law 2020
21-22 16th Annual SEC Reporting & FASB Forum for Mid-sized & Smaller Companies *^
  Intellectual Property Law Institute 2020
  Pocket MBA 2020: Finance for Lawyers and Other Professionals
22 Psychological Issues in the Workplace 2020
22-23 Compliance & Ethics Essentials 2020
23 Cutting-Edge Employment Law Issues 2020: The California Difference
  Fundamentals of Investment Adviser Regulation 2020
  White Collar Crime 2020: Prosecutors and Regulators Speak
24 Cybersecurity 2020: Managing Cybersecurity Incidents
25 Environmental Regulation in Practice 2020: Permitting, Litigating, and Deal Negotiations
  Hot Topics in Mergers & Acquisitions 2020
  Representing the Pro Bono Client: Advocacy Skills for Administrative Hearings 2020
29 Hedge Fund and Private Equity Enforcement & Regulatory Developments 2020
  Open Source Software 2020 – from Compliance to Cooperation
30 California Special Education Law 2020
  Global Asset Management 2020
  Internal Investigations 2020
  Housing Law for Low-Income Communities in New York City 2020
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