Zachary is a consultant, advisor, and attorney with over a dozen years of practical and regulatory experience advising companies, investors, and market participants on, among other things, their compliance obligations under the federal securities laws.  His experience spans nine years at the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Division of Corporate Finance and Office of the General Counsel. Prior to the SEC, he practiced at Latham & Watkins. He is an expert on small company capital formation and various exemptions from registration under the Securities Act of 1933. Zachary was key to many of the SEC’s policy decisions made following the JOBS Act. He was the principal drafter of the Regulation A proposing and adopting release, as well as the SEC’s proposing release on Intrastate and Regional Crowdfunding exemptions. He is a frequent speaker on crowdfunding and related issues that arise under the federal securities laws.

Zachary is the co-founder and a principal of Ketsal Consulting, LLC, a consulting firm focused on advancements in regulatory technology, and Blakemore Fallon PLLC, its affiliated law firm. He is also the founder and Chief Executive Officer of So.Capital Inc., a platform that, among other things, aims to leverage regulatory requirements in order to increase the efficiency of online capital raising processes.

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