Tony Piotrowski is General Counsel for MPEG LA, LLC, a world leading packager and license administrator of patent pools for standards and technology platforms. Since its inception, MPEG LA has generated several billion dollars of royalties for patent owners through a series of licensing programs. In addition to leading MPEG LA’s legal department, he oversees the company’s licensing programs and new program development.  

Tony’s previous professional experience includes Vice President, Business Acquisition Strategy, for a technology/IP license entity where he led activities for the identification, sourcing, evaluation, financing, closing and management of patent acquisition/licensing opportunities.  He has also held senior positions for major multination corporations where he was responsible for regional Intellectual Property (IP) activities in Asia and Europe.  These responsibilities included IP enforcement and implementing global licensing programs that generated significant royalty revenue, as well as leading teams of intellectual property attorneys.  Prior to these positions, he worked in private practice for a NY law firm that specialized in IP creation, licensing and litigation. Before starting legal practice, he worked as a senior engineer for a major telecommunications equipment and service provider.  

Tony serves on (or advises) the board of directors for several technology/IP licensing entities, and served on the board of the Intellectual Property Office of Singapore (IPOS) and on the editorial board of an IP specialist magazine.  He participates in various IP organizations including LES and IPO.  He has also been active in various standards organizations where he helped to formulate IPR policies.  For several years, he was a guest lecturer on advanced IP topics at Renmin and Tsing Hua Universities in Beijing.

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