Mr. Stewart-Oaten is an appellate attorney with the Los Angeles Public Defender’s Office.  He practices in the Court of Appeals and the Supreme Court.

In his decade of practice, he has worked in Arraignments, Juvenile, Misdemeanor, Traffic, and Felony Courts.  As a trial attorney, he handled a wide range of cases, from petty theft to murder.

He is currently assigned to the Los Angeles Public Defender Appellate Branch where, among other tasks, he provides training to line attorneys, and is charged with creating an office-wide litigation strategy following the passage of Proposition 64.

As a delegate to the Conference of California Bar Associations, member of the California Public Defender Association Legislative Committee, and voting member of the Board of Directors of the California Public Defender Association, he has authored or co-authored numerous pieces of legislation, and works closely with lawmakers in Sacramento, including testifying before the Senate on criminal justice related issues.