Monica Studdert Eskin has been practicing law for almost twenty-five years with a specialization in family law and matrimonial law for the last twenty years.  Monica is a New York native who was born in the Bronx, raised in Queens and attended college and law school in New York and she has dedicated her career towards helping other New Yorker’s with their family law needs.

Monica has been a member of the Bronx County Assigned Counsel Plan since 2001 and has maintained a private law practice with her husband David Eskin since 1995.  She has represented over a thousand litigants in areas such as custody and visitation, orders of protection, child protective matters, child support, paternity and estoppel, adoption, juvenile delinquency, PINS matters and divorce.  Monica has represented petitioners, respondents and children in these various proceedings.  Additionally, Monica is also a member of the Part 36 law guardian panel where she is frequently appointed to represent children in matrimonial proceedings in Bronx Supreme Court.
Monica is a member of the Bronx Bar Association, Matrimonial and Family Court Committee; Bronx Family Court Bar Association and Bronx Women’s Bar Association.  Additionally, Monica has lectured and conducted numerous CLE programs for other lawyers and members of the judiciary. 


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