Justin is an Open Source & Standards Attorney at Microsoft.

Justin has almost a decade of experience representing clients at the intersection of free & open source software communities and for-profit enterprises. At Microsoft, he is part of a small team that oversees processes to enable open source use at massive scale. Prior to Microsoft, Justin was an active pro bono lawyer to free and open source software communities – having provided pro bono advice to the Free Software Foundation, the Apache Software Foundation, the Open Source Initiative, and the GNOME Foundation.

Justin specializes in advising how to use copyleft right. He has experience with copyleft litigation or pre-litigation for both non-profit and for-profit entities, including as litigation counsel to Erik Andersen and Software Freedom Conservancy in a dispute over use of the BusyBox toolkit in the Southern District of New York.

A published computer scientist in a past life, Justin also has significant experience with patent litigation both in private practice and as a law clerk in the District of New Jersey.

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