Joseph Harbaugh is Professor of Law and Dean Emeritus of the Law Center at Nova Southeastern University in Fort Lauderdale.  He has also served as the Dean at the University of Richmond School of Law and as a faculty member at a half dozen law schools.  His subjects of expertise include negotiation, criminal procedure, evidence, trial advocacy, professional responsibility and constitutional litigation.

Dean Harbaugh authored Practising Law Institute's "Preparing to Negotiate" simulation and worked with Practising Law Institute’s editing team to create the interactive aspects of the program.  Dean Harbaugh has presented PLI’s "Negotiation Workshop for Lawyers" to an annual average of 150 attorneys from across the country for more than three decades.

Dean Harbaugh is the co-author of the standard text in the field entitled “Interviewing, Counseling and Negotiation: Skills for Effective Representation.”  He also produced PLI's Lawyer Negotiation Training Materials and the best-selling CD, "The Fundamentals of Negotiation."  He numbers among his clients 45 of the National Law Journal's Top 100 Firms and dozens of Fortune 100 corporations.

Dean Harbaugh is active on the Performance Test Drafting Team of the California Committee of Bar Examiners, and an active member of the ABA’s House of Delegates. Along with this extensive list of accomplishments, he also "coaches" and leads negotiation teams for law firms and businesses.

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