Jennifer Thorpe-Moscon, PhD, has been Director and Panel Manager at Catalyst since April of 2013. As Panel Manager, she develops and expands Catalyst’s research panels globally as a part of the effort to extend progress for women and business around the world. She also works with Dnika Travis to plan and execute Catalyst’s research on Gender, Race, and Ethnicity to ensure that workplaces are inclusive for all women. She works across the Research department to grow their longitudinal projects and uncover solutions to get to inclusion for all. She also serves as a resource for participant outreach and analytics.

Prior to joining Catalyst, Jennifer worked as a biostatistician at Mount Sinai as well as an instructor of master’s-level statistics at New York University. She has led several research labs of up to 13 researchers in both corporate and academic settings. Additionally, she authored the book How Geek Girls Will Rule the World (2013).

Jennifer received her PhD in social psychology from New York University. She earned a BA in both Psychology, with honors, and Computer Science from Columbia University, where she graduated magna cum laude.

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