Howard S. Lavin concentrates in employment and labor law matters. He has represented employers in federal and state court litigation, administrative hearings, arbitrations, collective bargaining negotiations, and wage and hour proceedings and audits. Mr. Lavin assists employers in structuring and negotiating compensation and severance packages for executives, developing personnel policies and procedures and, in the case of several clients, has created a “virtual” human resources department. He provides advice and counsel regarding discipline and discharge issues, discrimination claims, diversity, and workplace monitoring. He also represents employers in workers compensation matters, including rate service issues. While his practice is varied, Mr. Lavin has particular expertise in employment litigation, conducting downsizings, wage and hour matters, and the labor and employment ramifications of mergers, acquisitions and similar transactions.

Mr. Lavin’s clients include hospitals, health maintenance organizations, hedge funds, investment banks, manufacturers, advertising agencies, warehouse and distribution companies, as well as portfolio companies of financial investors. He regularly conducts management and supervisor training seminars on topics such as sexual harassment, employment discrimination and union avoidance and has lectured extensively on a variety of labor and employment law topics for labor lawyers and human resource specialists.


  • Member, Labor and Employment Section, New York State Bar Association


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New York, 1983

U.S. District Court, Eastern District of New York, 1983; U.S. District Court, Southern District of New York, 1983


J.D., Emory University School of Law, 1982

B.S., Cornell University School of Industrial and Labor Relations, 1979