Ed Medlin joined Maxim in 1999 as Director and Associate General Counsel. Prior to joining Maxim, Ed had 10 years of commercial law practice and seven years of corporate experience as general counsel at two previous companies. He was promoted to Vice President in 2006, to General Counsel in 2010, and to Senior Vice President in 2015. Ed also serves as Maxim’s Chief Corporate Compliance Officer. Ed’s team includes Legal, Compliance Ethics and Risk, Cyber Security, Administration, Human Resources, and Security.

Ed has been a member of the Semiconductor Industry Association Public Policy Committee since 2014, and has served as Committee Chair since 2016.

Ed is a member of the National Association of Corporate Directors, and sits on the NACD General Counsel Steering Committee. Ed focuses on Board duties in Governance and Cyber Security. 

Ed is a sitting member of the NASDAQ General Counsel Advisory Committee.

Ed is a frequent speaker and moderator on the Practicing Law Institute Faculty. He has been a returning faculty member of the Santa Clara University School of Law In-House Counsel Institute. Ed is also a guest instructor for Santa Clara University School of Law and a speaker on various topics, including communications, law department management, in-house practice, risk and crisis management, and the responsibilities of general counsel and boards of directors with respect to cybersecurity risks.

Ed holds a degree in Economics from the University of California, Santa Barbara, and a Juris Doctorate from Santa Clara University.