Ms. Medina earned a B.A. in Sociology from Occidental College. After her undergraduate studies, Ms. Medina participated in the Coro Fellows Program in Public Affairs, and worked for the United Farm Workers before attending UC Berkeley School of Law. During law school, Ms. Medina participated in wage justice clinics, served as External Affairs Vice President for the Graduate Assembly, and interned with the East Bay Community Law Center’s community economic justice project.

Upon graduating law school, Ms. Medina worked as a staff attorney for the Eviction Defense Network, where she litigated hundreds of cases on behalf of low-income tenants facing eviction from their homes. Ms. Medina also served as co-director for the organization. After leaving Eviction Defense Network, Ms. Medina was a staff attorney at Public Counsel, where she was instrumental in establishing an eviction defense project for the organization as part of the statewide Shriver housing pilot project. Ms. Medina then joined BASTA, Inc., where she litigated slum housing cases on behalf of low-income tenants living in unsafe and unsanitary housing conditions. Ms. Medina currently works for Eviction Defense Network where she is in charge of the organizations’ affirmative litigation practice where she litigates cases on behalf of tenants suing their landlords for various tenant rights violations.

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