First and Foremost

Family time is special.  I have been a husband to my beautiful wife for over 31 years, a dad to our awesome girl for 24.  I enjoy working around the house, building hot rods, and riding horses with my girl – if it is our father-daughter time, we get to go places and see things in a manner that few do.


What I Do

As the head of AML Risk, Products and Monitoring I have the privilege to lead an amazing team who delivers with pride every time.  My team is responsible for managing the AML risk related to new Products and Services that the Bank wants to bring to market, objectively measure business line compliance to AML requirements, evaluate AML models and execute against Operational Risk Management requirements. I am based in South Carolina, travel frequently to Mt. Laurel where the majority of my team is based.


What got me here

I have over 25 years of Compliance experience. I started Bank Secrecy Act (BSA)/AML work in the mid-90s.  Later I discovered that it had become a passion and continued developing that path into my current profession.  I thank the many mentors and sponsors that invested their time and wisdom in me along the way. I continue to stay in contact with most.


What excites me about my work

AML work continues to evolve and provides an ongoing challenge.  I am passionate about paying it forward by identifying and fostering leaders.  It has become a daily principal driver.


Language Skills

Fluent in Spanish (speak, read, write)

Community Involvement

Chair for Latinos in Leadership Metro Carolinas chapter

Minority in Leadership Metro Carolinas Subcommittee

2015 to current - SMU COX Executive Education CEDP Mentor


Life lessons…

There is never a bad experience as long as you learn from your mistakes.

Always be true to who you are, to your background, to your culture.

Some look at the glass as half full, others as half empty. I prefer to think that it does not matter too much which side is which.  We need both air and water to survive.  Use them both wisely.

The destination is important, but how you get there… now, that's what counts.  Read "The Dash" by Linda Ellis.

Make every day count.


If you'd like to talk, give me a call.