Caitlin Parker is an experienced Legal Project Manager at Sullivan & Cromwell LLP who specializes in LPM for large financial institutions.  Ms. Parker appeared on the LPM scene several years ago as the industry was beginning to gain momentum.  Ms. Parker’s career has grown in parallel with the LPM industry and, as a result, she has an appreciation for the field’s genesis and how the industry can build upon its past successes to better serve clients’ needs in the future.  From her collective years as an LPM, Ms. Parker has developed more efficient processes for a range of projects including RMBS expert reports, eDiscovery projects, commodity-based budgeting, and detailed financial analyses, which have resulted in a significant reduction in legal fees for clients.  The ways in which Ms. Parker promotes efficiency within legal teams include bringing in technology-based tools; leveraging existing expertise from parallel teams; creating best practices guidance; and designing valuable templates.  Because Ms. Parker sits at the hub of a large portfolio of matters for one of S&C’s largest clients, she is able to quickly capitalize on the resources of the firm to drive efficiencies in each her matters.  Ms. Parker puts an emphasis on remaining current in the LPM field and is a regular attendee of the semiannual LawVision LPM and Pricing Roundtables.