Angie Schwartz is Policy Director at the Alliance for Children’s Rights, where she works to improve the well-being of children living in poverty and those placed in foster care or at-risk of dependency. Angie has been instrumental in shaping California’s child welfare system, spearheading key reforms including the extension of foster care to age 21; revamping foster care to be fully inclusive of kinship families; overhauling the state's foster care rate system to be based on a child's needs; and improving access to disability benefits for young people in foster care. She is a trusted advisor to state and local agencies on state and federal funding strategies, a leader on thoughtful implementation of Continuum of Care reform laws, and a leading voice in advocating for relative caregivers in state and federal child welfare reform. Angie has served as lead and co-counsel in impact cases aimed at securing appropriate benefits and supports for vulnerable children and families. She is the author of many articles exploring the intersection of child welfare, poverty, and safety net programs. Angie graduated Magna Cum Laude from American University, and earned a J.D. with distinction from Stanford Law School.

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