Bill Kramer is an intellectual property attorney, focusing his practice on patent prosecution, patent threat analysis/response and intellectual property transfers. He has broad knowledge of many technical subjects, with particular experience in algorithm-based computer software, video distribution systems, cloud computing, artificial intelligence software, modern currency forms and transfers, and blockchain technologies. 

Bill leverages his technical aptitude and successful experience to help clients build and strategically manage their IP portfolios. His knowledge of the U.S. Patent Office allows him to address new threats and opportunities to achieve best-case scenarios for his clients, especially in the face of ever-changing policies and procedures for patent applications. 

He has significant experience creating and managing large volumes of patent prosecution cases in the U.S. and around the world for clients ranging from large publicly traded companies to startups. He has created a smooth-running patent-creation machine, taking the worry out of tiny details that can make or break a portfolio.

Bill is active in rendering patentability, right-to-use, infringement and invalidity opinions. He assists in patent litigation to find the technical issues that often win or lose cases and to explain those issues in a way that can be understood by virtually any audience, from board members to PhDs. His ability to quickly find fatal flaws in patents saves his clients significant time and money. He has also created numerous joint defense groups to combat industrywide patent attacks by nonpracticing entities.

Bill has represented clients in a wide range of technology areas, including big data analytics and data optimization, targeted advertising, enterprise data storage, implantable communication and diagnostic devices, voice over IP, video distribution systems, video game system software, business accounting software, operating systems, data security, speech-to-text algorithms, and computer and interactive mapping. He has also worked with virtual reality and immersive technologies; peer-to-peer network creation, security, user interface and scalability; and complex financial products. 

When he’s not practicing law, Bill enjoys golfing, spending time with family, and learning about new technologies and how he can apply that knowledge to his clients’ businesses.