Shimite Obialo graduated from Columbia Law School in 2013 and works as an associate in the Tech Group at Lowenstein Sandler LLP in New York, where she finds her passion in guiding entrepreneurs and startups through the life cycle of a business, from formation to growth to exit. Her practice focuses on early-stage company and venture capital-backed transactions. She also has experience in private equity merger and acquisition transactions and public company periodic reporting and corporate governance matters. 

When not pursuing legal endeavors, Shimite is dedicated to issues of diversity, community development and empowerment, cultural heritage and arts advocacy and currently serves as founder and CEO of ANOKO, a private members club for diverse creatives and professionals, as Secretary of the CGFO Foundation, a nonprofit focused on educating women and girls in rural Nigeria, and on the Ambassador’s Circle for the Museum of Contemporary African Diaspora Art (MoCADA).  

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