Sandra Lu has extensive experience and expertise in securities investments, private funds and hedge funds.  Sandra represented a large number of Chinese financial institutions to set up the fund management companies, and also advised foreign financial institutions to acquire the stake in the Chinese fund management companies. 

Sandra is highly involved in the innovative funds products in the Mainland market including providing the legislative advice to the regulator and the legal advice to the fund houses. The innovative funds include the cross boarder EFT, cross market ETF, gold EFT, commodity ETF, principal guaranteed product, the publicly offered REITs, the publicly offered PE investment fund and the publicly offered leveraged investment product.

In the meanwhile, with the development of the global investment capability of the Chinese FMCs, Ms. Lu acts as the legal advisor for a majority of the QDII Funds offered in China. In addition, Ms. Lu is very active in QDLP and QDIE initiatives respectively launched in Shanghai and Shenzhen. QDLP and QDIE products provide the opportunity for the Chinese investors to get a broader global exposure, and also the opportunity for the global asset managers to set up onshore WFOE entities to raise money directly from the Chinese investors.

Since 30 June 2016, the Chinese regulator allowed foreign financial institutions to set up the private fund management WFOE (“PFM WFOE”). Ms. Lu have represented over 20 global fund managers, including the long only fund managers and hedge fund managers, to set up PFM WFOE and instructed them to submit the private fund manager registration with the regulator.

QFII and RQFII are the main practice area of Ms. Lu as well. Ms. Lu assists the QFII and RQFII to apply for the Chinese license and quota, supports their ongoing legal and compliance requirement and reviews their offshore offering documents from the PRC law perspective.

Recently, Ms. Lu has been advising a number of HK fund managers for their MRF (Mutual Recognition of Funds Scheme) application with the CSRC and providing the ongoing legal and compliance services under MRF scheme.

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