Raina Haque, JD (USPTO Reg No. 73,838) is the founding partner of Erdos Intellectual Property Law + Startup Legal.  Erdos serves startups and small businesses in the software sector.  Prior to joining the legal profession, Raina was a software engineer and analyst in bioinformatics at the National Institutes of Health and in financial technologies at Merrill Lynch.  Her specialties were in artificial intelligence, network science, and distributed computing.  

She is among the first patent attorneys for blockchain and distributed ledger technologies.  She counsels startup tech companies in blockchain technology-related inventions and cryptoventures.  She is frequently called upon to help educate law academics, practicing attorneys, and government agencies about blockchain technologies.  She is a member of the North Carolina Bar Association’s Future of the Law Blockchain subcommittee and is contributing to a 2018 publication for attorneys about many facets of blockchain technology and related burgeoning markets.

She is a graduate of the University of North Carolina School of Law and Wellesley College.  She is active in women’s empowerment networks and is also called upon to speak and advise as a woman entrepreneur who has created a successful legal practice that is both high tech in its operations and in the clients it serves.  She teaches as an adjunct professor at Wake Forest School of Law in the subject of innovations in legal technologies, where she educates students about legal practice management, artificial intelligence/alternative expert systems, and blockchain technologies/smart contracts.  She is an advocate for design thinking and interdisciplinary and entrepreneurial legal education.

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