Phillip Neiman, Esq. has been settling high-stakes disputes as a full-time neutral since 2004 and has successfully mediated over 1,700 disputes. He devotes much of his practice to securities, financial and commercial cases, with additional expertise in employment, real property, trust/estate, insurance and professional liability matters. Mr. Neiman also has extensive experience resolving disputes involving privacy torts and significant personal injuries.

As a former investment banker, Mr. Neiman brings a unique skill set to his work as a mediator and arbitrator. He spent more than a decade raising capital for growth companies in the technology space, serving as lead facilitator in privately negotiated transactions between public issuers and institutional investors, including hedge funds, foreign banks and asset managers. He draws on this dealmaking background when mediating disputes and on his deep industry knowledge when adjudicating cases.  

Before establishing his ADR practice, Mr. Neiman served as CEO and General Counsel of a FINRA-registered broker-dealer. He was tasked with reconciling the competing interests of public company shareholders, senior management and directors, institutional investors, traders, compliance officers and regulators. This proved to be important training ground for work as a mediator, which requires an understanding of all perspectives to find common ground, identify a range of potential solutions and settle cases. Mr. Neiman’s business background allows him to quickly grasp the issues in complex commercial cases when serving as an arbitrator, eliminating learning curve delays, and expediting the legal analysis and decision making process. 

As a mediator, Mr. Neiman is known for his rigorous preparation, a routine that includes pre-mediation calls with counsel, reviewing all material pleadings and ancillary documents, summarizing disputed facts, legal issues and damages claims, and crafting a session agenda to ensure efficient use of participant time.

Mr. Neiman describes his approach as “facilitative until an evaluation is called for.” He is adept at guiding the parties and counsel through their negotiations and frequently uses technology to help analyze proposals in light of potential outcomes at trial. 

Mr. Neiman’s success as a neutral is a testament to his tenacity and perseverance. He is routinely praised by counsel for taking ownership of the resolution process, bringing a dose of calm to emotionally charged conversations and settling cases that seemed destined for the courtroom. 

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