Naomi Obinata is General Counsel of Nikon Precision Inc., a U.S. subsidiary of Nikon Corporation.  Naomi attended University of  California Berkeley where she obtained a B.S. in Chemical Engineering, worked as an engineer for 2 years, and earned her law degree at Santa Clara University School of Law.  She has spent more than half of her 20+ year career working in intellectual property matters, from patent prosecution to IP litigation to technology transactions, and working at marquis companies such as Applied Materials, Intel Corporation, and Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company.  A true Silicon Valley technology lawyer, Naomi is a licensed patent attorney and served as Vice President, Legal at SuVolta, Inc., a startup dedicated to developing semiconductor transistor technologies.  At SuVolta, Naomi grew the patent portfolio ten-fold and licensed patents and technology to industry giants.  Before concentrating in technology law, Naomi practiced employment law at a large law firm.  Naomi enjoys solving legal and business problems, resolving legal disputes, negotiating and closing deals, and implementing business processes.   In Naomi’s spare time, Naomi enjoys running with her dogs,  cooking and eating international cuisines, and mentoring young people

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