Locke McMurray’s practice focuses on derivative products, secured transactions and securitized products.  Locke utilizes his deep knowledge of fixed income, currencies and commodities (FICC) markets to deliver innovative solutions to clients and also has vast experience with the treatment of derivatives and other financial instruments in bankruptcy and the structuring and enforcement of credit mitigants such as close-out netting, financial collateral arrangements and third party credit support (e.g., guaranties, letters of credit, financial guaranty insurance and credit default swaps).

Locke is adept at structuring exotic transactions and has managed documentation teams during his more than fifteen years as in-house counsel at a variety of banks.  He recently assisted a bank in the documentation for a foreign exchange platform and has developed a robust process for collateralization of market exposures across products and entities.  Locke also has substantial experience in rendering legal opinions on a variety of bankruptcy and secured transaction matters. 

Locke advises clients on the Dodd-Frank Act, particularly in relation to its extra-territorial application, margining for non-cleared swaps, the “end-user” clearing exemption and the extent to which foreign exchange transactions are excluded from regulation.  Most recently, Locke has advised clients on the regulatory status of cryptocurrencies and “ICOs.”

Locke also analyzes financial markets transactions from a dispute resolution perspective, particularly as relates to termination and valuation questions for derivatives, security interest attachment and perfection under the Uniform Commercial Code, fraudulent conveyances and the rights and obligations of various securitization deal participants, including collateral managers, trustees and swap counterparties.

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