Kathy Adams is the owner of Kathy Adams Dispute Resolution Services, a mediation and consulting firm focused on disputes involving the financial services industry.  Her wide-ranging experience includes investor-initiated disputes, wrongful termination and U-5 defamation matters, harassment and discrimination cases, intra-industry disputes, protocol issues, and trust/estate contests.  Kathy brings an evaluative, litigation-focused approach to mediation, along with the creativity needed to resolve cases that are especially difficult or involve uncommon challenges.

With more than 25 years of experience in and around the financial services industry, Kathy brings a wealth of knowledge and a variety of perspectives and insights to the cases she mediates.  As an advocate, Kathy successfully litigated to award claims totaling millions of dollars and negotiated the settlement of hundreds of cases.  As in-house counsel for a global brokerage firm, she gained valuable insight into the inner workings of the financial services industry.  As a litigation consultant, she has worked through detailed case evaluations with attorneys for claimants/plaintiffs and respondents/defendants. 

Participants in mediations prefer a neutral who understands their circumstances, including how and where they live.  Kathy has lived and worked in most regions of the country and enjoys mediating in all locations.  Her geographic diversity and understanding of unique regional culture has proved invaluable in resolving cases across the country, and especially in cases venued between the coasts. 

Kathy is licensed to practice law in both California and Minnesota and is an active member of the ABA Litigation Section’s ADR and Securities Arbitration subcommittees, the Southeastern Women in Financial Services (SWIFS), and the Southern California Mediation Association.  She is a sought-after speaker on negotiation and settlement strategies, financial elder abuse, behavioral economics, and the benefits of bringing diverse views and approaches to mediation.  Kathy earned her JD from Mitchell|Hamline School of Law, one of the top law schools in the country for ADR.  She completed her mediator certification at Pepperdine University’s Strauss Institute for Dispute Resolution.

An avid runner, Kathy competes in races across the country.  She is looking forward to running her second Boston Marathon in 2019.

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