Judson Cary is Vice President & Deputy General Counsel at CableLabs, a non-profit research and development organization owned by the global cable industry.  Prior to becoming a lawyer, Mr. Cary worked as an engineer in the Artificial Intelligence Group of U S WEST (now CenturyLink).  He has a Bachelor of Science degree in Applied Math and Computer Science, and Masters in Engineering, both from the University of Colorado at Boulder.  After law school (Santa Clara University, cum laude), he worked as a patent attorney for the Silicon Valley-based law firm of Fenwick & West focusing on startups and pre-IPO companies, patents, and general intellectual property protection and counselling.  Mr. Cary returned to Colorado and followed the legal chain of title from U S WEST, to MediaOne, to AT&T Broadband, now Comcast. After a short stint at an e-insurance “.bomb” company, Mr. Cary returned to the cable industry at CableLabs. He provides general advice and counsel on a wide range of topics including technology policy, complex multi-industry agreements, strategy, patents, patent pools, licensing, standards, antitrust, content protection and content distribution technologies, and the laws and regulations governing cable operators in these areas. He is Treasurer of the Open Connectivity Forum (OCF, a forum for IoT), sits on the Board of Directors of the Entertainment ID Registry, and particapted in the Legal groups of W3C, VR Industry Forum, DLNA, and other standards bodies.

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